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Local Food: Malaysia’s 10 best street food eats

Local Food: Malaysia’s 10 best street food eats

Malaysia is famous for its food. And why wouldn’t it be? It is a country whose cuisine is inspired by so many other countries mainly India and China. You can easily find the Indian and Chinese influence in dishes available in Malaysia.

With that being said, Malaysia offers a variety of street food too and a list of 10 such foods is given below:


1.     Assam Laksa

Assam Laksa is a Malaysian take on rice noodles and soup. Other ingredients in this dish are chilies, onions, cucumber matchsticks, and ginger flowers.

2.     Rojak

Rojak is mainly made up of fruits and other things which range from squid to fried pieces of dough. There is also a sweet sauce which is sprinkled all over it to give it a tinge of sweetness.

3.     Roti

Roti is an Indian flatbread which is used to consume dishes with. You can take this roti and eat it along with curry or any other dish that you find. People also have breakfast with it in Malaysia.

4.     Chendul

Chendul is a cold dessert soup which can be easily found on the streets. The primary ingredients which it is made up of are coconut milk, palm sugar, and beans.

5.     Apom Balik

A stuffed rice flour pancake filled with creamed corn is an Apom Balik.

6.     Batu Maung Satay

At night the streets in Malaysia are filled with people who are looking for food and at a time like that people go for this dish. Batu Maung satay — marinated pieces of chicken, pork, or beef on bamboo skewers — are barbecued, and served with chunks of vegetable and raw white onion for spearing if you

7.     Koay Chiap

Koay Chiap is a duck and noodle soup. It is very commonly available at the Kimberly street. Other ingredients that this soup consist of are duck meat shreds, gizzards, coagulated blood, a soy-sauce-boiled egg, and curled-up scrolls of rice noodles.

8.     Chee Cheong Fun

Chee Cheong Fun are rice noodle rolls. They come with mouth-watering shrimp sauce and chili sauce as per preference.

9.     Nescafe and Milo

If you have been feeling home sick and you want your regular beverages then you are in luck because in Malaysia you can easily find coffee and chocolate malted drinks.

10.Teh Tarik

It is an Indian beverage which is why you will be able to easily find it at Indian stalls.